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Crossinvestics GmbH acts as a central hub for future-oriented companies in the healthcare sector. With a clear focus on the areas of #Business Angel, #Venture Capital and #Investments, Crossinvestics GmbH invests in start-ups and innovative technologies that have the potential to sustainably change the medical landscape. Our investment strategy is based on in-depth market analysis and close communication with the founders in order to provide not only financial resources, but also strategic support and industry expertise.

Through our involvement in venture capital and as a business angel, we enable young companies to develop their innovative ideas from the concept phase to market readiness. Crossinvestics GmbH is more than an investor; we are a partner on equal terms who actively contributes to the growth and success of our investments. We rely on a combination of capital, networks and technical know-how to address the challenges in the healthcare industry and promote solutions that create real added value.

Our portfolio companies benefit from our comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements and market dynamics in the healthcare sector, which gives them a decisive competitive advantage. With our help, they transform their groundbreaking ideas into successful products and services that achieve both economic success and significant improvements in patient care.


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  • Efficient management
  • Corporate Support
  • Operational Excellence

Crossinvestics Verwaltungs GmbH plays a crucial role within the Crossinvestics Group by providing specialized administration and management services. As the administrative backbone of the group, we ensure that all processes run smoothly and efficiently. Our main tasks include resource management, operational management and support in strategic decisions.

With a focus on # Efficient Management, our team ensures that all business units function optimally by providing high-quality administrative support. Under the hashtag # Corporate Support, we are committed to promoting internal communication and coordination, which are essential for the growth and success of our projects. Through # Operational Excellence, we strive to redefine the standards for administrative services and enable our subsidiaries to fully concentrate on their core competencies.

Crossinvestics Verwaltungs GmbH is more than just an administrator – we are a central building block that ensures the efficiency and stability of the entire group and at the same time forms the basis for future expansions and innovations.

Groundbreaking innovations

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  • Pharmacovigilance
  • DigitalHealthPioneers
  • TechInnovation
  • HealthcareSolutions

Cross4Channel GmbH is at the forefront of digital transformation in healthcare. As pioneers in the development of innovative solutions, we are continuously working to overcome the challenges in the healthcare sector through advanced technology and intelligent data analysis. Our focus is on optimizing drug safety and increasing efficiency through digital platforms.

With the hashtags #DigitalHealthPioneers and #TechInnovation, we mark our efforts to revolutionize the healthcare industry with groundbreaking digital products and services. #HealthcareSolutions underlines our commitment to providing customized solutions that both improve patient care and make the daily work of healthcare professionals easier. The additional focus on #Pharmacovigilance shows our commitment to ensuring the safety of medicines by monitoring and analyzing side effects and interactions, which is essential for ensuring patient safety.

As a subsidiary of Crossinvestics GmbH and thus part of the Crossinvestics Group, Cross4Channel is setting new standards in healthcare informatics by combining innovative approaches with practice-oriented implementation. Our goal is to create technological solutions that offer real added value and improve the quality of life of patients worldwide.