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About the Group

The Crossinvestics Group

The Crossinvestics Group stands for advanced technological innovations and strategic investments in the healthcare sector. Our main companies, Cross4Channel GmbH and Crossinvestics GmbH, are leaders in the development and implementation of technological solutions that revolutionize efficiency and safety in the pharmaceutical industry. Crossinvestics Verwaltungs GmbH provides operational support by providing administrative resources, including management.

Together, we promote sustainable innovations aimed at accelerating medical progress and improving patient safety.


Specialization, know-how & competence

Crossinvestics Innovations & Investments

Crossinvestics Innovations & Investments drives medical progress through targeted investments in breakthrough technologies and innovative business models in the healthcare sector. Our expertise lies in identifying and promoting projects that promise not only technical excellence but also significant improvements in patient care. With a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, we strive to develop sustainable solutions that take efficiency, safety and compliance to new heights.

Crossinvestments Management

Crossinvestics Management plays a central role in the efficient administration and support of our group of companies. As a mainstay of the Crossinvestics Group, it ensures that all operational resources are used optimally and that the company's goals are effectively supported. From the provision of management services to coordination between the various business units, our experienced team enables the smooth and efficient execution of all company processes and makes a significant contribution to the overall strategy.


Cross4Channel is at the forefront of technological development in healthcare. As a specialist in the implementation of advanced digital solutions, we offer innovative products and services tailored to the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Our strength lies in the combination of technical know-how and in-depth understanding of the regulatory requirements in the healthcare sector. This enables us to offer tailor-made solutions that increase efficiency, ensure compliance and ultimately improve patient care.

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